"This was a great experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I am at a stage in my life where I have to make important decisions about what I want to pursue in my future and this summer really clarified things for me. The best thing about D.C. was the numerous networking opportunities that were available. I met many individuals in positions I would like to have in the future and getting their advice was very beneficial. CGFU was very supportive throughout this entire experience; in fact, most of my networking came through CFGU events. Seeing how successful and engaged Muslim Americans are in every aspect of our society inspired me. I'm excited to see where the next generations of Muslim Americans will be."
Affnan Mohammad, Marquette University,, Summer 2009

"Interning in Washington, D.C. through CFGU was a great experience. It felt good to represent the Muslim American community which is heavily underrepresented in our government. I feel that in order to change the world we live in, one has to understand its current ways and functions, and there is no better way to do so other than become a part of the government we hope to influence and actively involve ourselves in to protect the freedoms we value."
Amar Moon, Chapman College, Summer 2009

Amir Halai   
"My experience in Washington D.C. was absolutely life-changing and interning through the Center for Global Understanding is really what made my experience and investment worth every penny. Being able to represent the Muslim-American society was truly something that I was looking forward to. This program allowed me to organize and communicate ideas clearly and effectively to various government organizations. CFGU gave me a true insight on how professional development and effective rhetoric is an important asset in reaching large audiences to instill positive social change. CFGU allowed me to network and gave me the opportunity to build relationship with individuals at various organization throughout Washington. I am truly honored that I was one of the recipients of this award. Thank you very much CFGU. I could not have done it without you!"
Amir Halai, The University of Texas at Austin, Summer 2013

"The CFGU Program has helped me grow professionally, given me critical skills I can use in my future, and exposed me to many different professional avenues. In two months, I learned more about career opportunities, how to present myself to employers, and how to make myself a competitive job candidate, than I had in three years at college. This program is a unique, one of a kind opportunity that allows you to expand your connections and gain a myriad of skills, all in an intimate setting in which students are comfortable and have the rare opportunity to meet with high-profile and accomplished individuals in Washington, D.C. I am grateful to the CFGU program for this unique and remarkable opportunity."
Amna Baloch, University of North Carolina, Summer 2011

"The Center for Global Understanding was an extremely important supplement to the D.C. internship experience. It furthered our professional development by allowing us to develop unique and helpful relationships with numerous individuals. In two months, we met many Muslim and non-Muslim Americans actively involved in D.C. and were able to derive their wisdom from experience in each setting. The public affairs series gave us foresight into the future and further develop our future career goals and plans. Even more than the relationships developed through the public affairs series were the relationships developed within our CFGU class of 2012. I can only look forward to how we use our network to help one another out in the future. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to participate in a program such as this and look forward to staying involved in the future.”
Amro Elansari, Bloomsburg University, Summer 2012

"Center for Global Understanding is more than just giving a chance for American Muslims to get involved in the health, public policy, and business fields, but they are preparing the next American leaders with the tools they need for their future endeavors. Without CFGU, individuals would not be available to visit USAID, Department of Justice, or the Egyptian embassy. The weekend events are very beneficial to every student, since CFGU invites speakers from D.C. that are in very well established fields. I would recommend CFGU to any person that wants to truly make a difference in this world. D.C. is not what it seems; it is a great town that has opportunities in all fields however, it is how you use your time in D.C. that will make the ultimate difference. Thank You CFGU for a great summer and opportunity."
Anton Attard, University of Michigan, Summer 2011

"The CFGU really helped me learn from other leaders in the Muslim community. With the work they have done, I have learned really how to contribute back to the Muslim community. These leaders are really high up in the ladder with either working with the government, the state department or non-profit organizations and really inspired me to help other Muslims. I am really fortunate to have this opportunity with the CFGU."
Anum Khan, Dickinson College, Summer 2010

"This summer was an unforgettable experience. I have learned a lot and jump started my life. My experience in D.C. this summer helped me narrow my interests and have a clearer understanding of what I want and don't want for a prospective career. This may have been the most important summer yet, I've learned a lot more about politics from a different perspective, as well as met and spoke with people who may not share similar views. I would not have been able to go through these experiences and gain exposure in the political realm in D.C. without CFGU. This summer increased my momentum to gain more experience, as well as being excited and anxious for what the future holds and pursue a career in International Affairs."
Awrad Saleh, Pennsylvania State University, Summer 2011

"I learned a lot in a short period of time. It really changed how I perceived things in D.C. CFGU was very helpful and supportive. The CFGU Leadership Forum provided us the opportunity to meet and network with Muslim Americans working at the White House, The Capital and other agencies in Washington, D.C. I have greatly enhanced my leadership skills and overall basic knowledge."
Basra Mohamed, Middle Tennessee State University, Summer 2011

"I learned a great deal through the work I was doing at the internship and also developed and grew personally in realizing a better career path I wish to follow. I hope to encourage others to take part in such programs. Also becoming more aware of civic engagement and its importance, I hope to lead projects and events in my community with skill and creativity. I would recommend the CFGU Internship in Washington, D.C. to anyone, regardless of their interests. There is something for everyone in this city. If it was not for CFGU, I would not have been able to come to Washington, D.C., and I deeply appreciate this great opportunity they gave me."
Craig Phillips, Hartford Seminary, Summer 2009

"The opportunity provided to me by the Center for Global Understanding has been an invaluable experience that I will cherish forever. From conversations with prominent leaders to visits to government and developmental agencies, the program set up by CFGU offers a breadth of knowledge appealing to students of all backgrounds. My experience here in D.C. has helped me strengthen my skill sets and mature both personally and professionally. I am genuinely grateful for the experience and the path it has helped me pave towards a prosperous future."
Esha Mahmood, Trinity University, Summer 2011

"My internship experience in Washington D.C. was priceless! It provided me with wonderful experiences exploring Washingotn D.C. and the ability to attend presentations from Ralph Nader, Congressman Keith Ellison, and Professor Sulayman Nyang. My internship with AMDi Inc. has given me solid experience in corporate law issues and a solid recommendation that I can use for future employment. None of it would be possible if it were not for the support I received from the Center for Global Understanding and The Washington Center. Thank you!"
Faisal Ali, University of Kansas School of Law, Summer 2009

"Interning in Washington, D.C. has been a valuable experience and was always one of my goals from the time I entered university. I feel very fortunate and thankful to have found CFGU's program, in partnership with TWC, because both organizations have made the transition from student to intern into a smooth one. I have grown personally and professionally with the responsibilities handed to me this summer and will take the skills learned from my internship into the future. Through the weekly Public Affairs series we were able to meet many different Muslim Americans working in all sectors of Washington and their stories have given me great insight into the many different pathways they have taken to achieve their goals. My time at the Library of Congress has led me to use the world's largest library for professional research and this has led me to attend interesting events around town and also meet former officials in the process. I am grateful and will never forget the opportunity that was handed to me."
Faisal Hassan, University of Maryland, Summer 2011

"I have learned a lot at my internship, at the presidential lecture series and at CFGU leadership forums available to us. It definitely helps you figure out which career path to take and exposes you to plenty of opportunities.  Through CFGU I was able to visit the Egyptian Embassy; that was one of the best experiences I had this summer. This summer changed my life. Coming to D.C. to intern was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I encourage students from any major to look into an internship in the nations capitol, you won't regret it."
Fatimeh Shamseddine, University of South Florida, Summer 2009

Gizem Onen   
"My experience with the Center for Global Understanding was golden and enabled me to build a strong network with Muslim American leaders in D.C. Through CFGU, I had a chance to have special group discussions with accomplished individuals. Listening their success stories and experiences really helped me to understand my aspirations and choose my own career path. It was exciting and unforgettable that I attended meetings held in the world’s most important government buildings such as the Capitol, White House and Rayburn House Building. Living in D.C for two months was a great opportunity; CFGU enabled me to use that opportunity to improve my knowledge, abilities and networking skills to new levels. CFGU is an organization full of people who support students and help them to find their own way. I am grateful to CFGU and its generous contribution into my future."
Gizem Onen, Koç University (Turkey), Summer 2013

Hailah Saeed   
"My participation with the Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) was certainly one of my D.C. internship’s highlights. The program exposed me to significant and influential Muslim Americans in the public and political sphere in Washington, D.C. Through weekly meetings, I met and networked with speakers that modestly shared their career stories, learned about our CFGU cohort’s career goals, and provided necessary recommendations. It is through CFGU that I had the opportunity to truly “network” and establish concrete and authentic connections in DC. The speakers we met were very passionate and had a great willingness to help the CFGU students. Furthermore, I learned about critical issues that are facing the American Muslim community and how I can help to tackle those issues. Several of the speakers emphasized the need of having Muslims working in the policy sector. This encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in political science."
Hailah Saeed, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Summer 2013

"Center for Global Understanding gave me the opportunity to come to Washington, D.C. and grow as both an individual and a student. I was able to meet so many great people and network with coworkers, professionals, and peers. CFGU’s Internship program ran very smoothly and offered us many opportunities to expand our horizons. American politics needs a Muslim perspective, and the Muslim community needs to be of service to the rest of the country."
Hasan Dudar, University of Toledo, Summer 2009

"I don't think I've ever grown as much academically and professionally as I have interning with the Center for Global Understanding in Washington D.C. this summer. Being in this city and meeting people who share a passion for international politics has exposed me to different perspectives and I would definitely not learn as much as I have now by just sitting in a class. My internship has allowed me the opportunity to interact with professionals in the career field that I hope to be in some day and now I have the experience that I need to accomplish these future goals."
Hina Samnani, University of Connecticut, Summer 2011

"This summer has been a life-changing experience that was presented to me through the Center of Global Understanding (CFGU). I was provided with the opportunity to intern at the Veteran Affair Medical Center, attend presidential lecture series, briefings with different professionals such as John McCain, Bill Clinton and Pervez Musharraf, and attend many conferences in which I was able to network and broaden my perspective on different issues affecting our community across the world. Spending my summer in Washington D.C. through CFGU has by far, been one of my greatest experiences. I encourage all Muslims and other minority groups to participate in this program in order to engage in new opportunities and to help make a difference."
Israa Al-Sayyed, Arizona State University, Summer 2011

“Thank you so much for awarding me one of your scholarships. It really helped me in paying for the most helpful program in my entire life. I think it is great that you can award scholarships to so many Muslim students, and I am truly honored to be one of the recipients. Thanks again.”
Julia Ahmed, Iowa University, Summer 2011

Latifah Saraeb   
“Through CFGU, I was able to achieve my dream and come to the Washington D.C. I had a unique and invaluable experience at my internship by testing ways to strengthen and support immediate nutrition programs. CFGU is the first organization that gave diverse youth Muslim Americans the opportunity to discuss and realize the different aspects of Muslim Americans leadership development problem. CFGU is a new model of organizations who brought a strategy of giving a unique opportunity for ethnic minority Muslim youths to interact with each other and empower them to take initiative and involve in different aspects of public services.”
Latifah Saraeb, University of Florida, Summer 2011

"The Center for Global Understanding made it possible for me to come to D.C. and benefit in the plethora of ways that I have. I will encourage every Muslim American to participate in this program regardless of their major. We had students majoring in Anthropology, Business, Criminology, and Law while interning at Peace Corp, Department of Commerce, Organization of American States, Lobbying firm, and the United Nations to name a few. It is a truly educational and completely rewarding experience"
Linda Amrou, University of Toledo, Summer 2009

"CFGU provided me with memorable opportunities and experiences that significantly enriched my internship in D.C. I got the chance to meet inspiring leaders and professionals who motivated me to further make a difference in my community. These mentors not only taught me a lot of new things about their fields, but helped me see clearly how much hard work goes into becoming successful. I am thankful to CFGU for helping me enter my dream career by enabling me to come to D.C. for an internship and exposing to me to so many learning experiences."
Maheen Ahmad, University of Florida, Summer 2012

"CFGU's Internship program has affected me in several ways. First, I am very thankful and fortunate to be supported by a great organization such as CFGU, who are willing to offer and help students with life changing opportunities that give students the necessary skills to prepare them for life after college. Second is that I have learned many professional skills and tools that am sure I will use in my everyday life. I have also enhanced my networking skills and list by a large fraction, and that will most definitely help me obtain a descent job position in a tight market such as today's. With no doubt about it CFGU have exceeded my expectations with their programs."
Mahmoud Siddig, University of Iowa, Summer 2009

Mahssa Mostajabi   
"CFGU is truly a remarkable organization that opens many doors for students that want to do an internship in Washington DC. I was given the unique opportunity to visit the White House, USAID, the Department of Justice, Congress, and many other government agencies and private organizations through the CFGU Public Affairs Series. I was able to meet many Muslim Americans who have made a successful career for themself here in Washington DC and serve as leaders for the Muslim community. Having a chance to meet with these individual and hear their success stories gave me the confidence I needed to be a leader in my community."
Mahmud A. Brifkani, Middle Tennessee State University, Summer 2012

Mahssa Mostajabi   
"Overall, my experiences this summer with The Washington Center and The Center for Global Understanding have been wholly fulfilling and beneficial. I have honed and developed new skills at my internship site, made wonderful connections for the job search ahead, and enjoyed exploring a brand new city. And I know that this would not have been possible without the great knowledge and events provided by both The Washington Center and The Center for Global Understanding."
Mahssa Mostajabi, Georgia Institute of Technology, Summer 2011

"The CFGU experience has challenged me and exceeded my expectations. I have grown personally, professionally, and consider myself a more competitive and experienced job applicant compared to my peers. I sincerely appreciated and learned from the CFGU events and would encourage every Muslim American to participate in this program.”
Mariam Mostamandy, Santa Clara University, Summer 2009

"I am Marjan Ghorbanian and I go to California Polytechnic in Pomona, California. I came to D.C. for the internship with CFGU. The CFGU has offered me a lot of great opportunities this summer. It has helped me, first of all, with my leadership skills. I got to know a lot of great Muslim leaders and it has impacted me a lot. I have gained a good understanding of how government works in the Capitol. I am hoping to move here for my Master's degree and continue because I think I am going to be more effective and more influential here in D.C."
Marjan Ghorbanian, California Polytechnic University, Summer 2010

"Being part of the Center for Global Understanding has really been an eye-opening and exciting experience. I was able to complete an internship of my choice through The Washington Center and then partake in additional programs and events organized by CFGU. Being in the nation's capital is exciting enough but by being exposed to prominent leaders who are established in their fields, I was able to talk to individuals who took an interest in me and sincerely wished me well. CFGU was definitely the best part of my experience in DC because I was able to meet other young Muslims from around the country. From this program, I was able to meet prominent and important people, was able to gain information about different fields that interest me, and was able to create great friendships with people that I know will always stop and help me find my way when I get lost."
Momina Ayub, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Summer 2012

"One of the opportunities that I have gained is networking with other people. Because of the CFGU, I met many important people working for the White House and also a lot of key lawyers. That's very important to me because I aspire to be a lawyer someday. Another important thing I have gained from CFGU is other Muslim students like me and I think it is very important for Muslim students to kind of get together and develop a relationship so that maybe, someday, we can work together and help our community."
Morsheda Akhter, Baldwin-Wallace College, Summer 2010

Moshtayeen Ahmad   
"This summer in Washington D.C. has been a summer that will be valued for years to come. My time in D.C. has been very well spent at my internship but it was enhanced by the Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) programming. Spending my summer in the district was very helpful as it encouraged my professional growth and provided opportunities to be exposed to various areas in the public and private sector, diverse perspectives, prominent leaders, and a range of organizations and headquarters that only D.C. can offered thanks to CFGU. I’ve gained skills to not only benefit me but to also benefit the community."
Moshtayeen Ahmad, Florida State University, Summer 2011

Muhammad Siddiqui   
"I will be forever grateful to CFGU making it possible for me to spend the summer in D.C. and establish a solid professional foundation. From the beginning on my time here, I was fortunate to have such a robust support system from former alumni to the program directors themselves. As a CFGU student, I had the ability to meet some of the leading Muslim American professionals in D.C. and develop an invaluable network of friends and mentors. The diverse spectrum of CFGU's programing, where we interacted with professionals who are established in their respective fields, provided us with the necessary exposure to take the next step along our own career paths. My time in D.C. has enabled me to build lasting relationships with my fellow CFGU colleagues. Most importantly, I have learned how imperative it is for young Muslim professional such as ourselves, to enrich the civic discourse in this country."
Muhammad Siddiqui, Wake Forest University , Summer 2013

"Interning in D.C., like a lot of other people will tell you, gives you hands-on experience to really understand what working is like on a day-to-day basis, so you will have to wake up at seven, go to work, come home at five and it's a lot different from the life of being a student. In addition to interning in D.C., like in addition to the actual internship, there are a lot of opportunities where you can meet people afterwards and really have the chance to see what it is like for someone to be in a profession that you hope to be in the future. So that part of D.C., and like interning in this atmosphere rather than maybe in another city or another state, really sets it apart from different types of places that you can intern at. So it's a crucial experience for anyone who wants to go into any type of policy making, or even expanding beyond that: business, there are opportunities to meet people who are in that field, there are opportunities to meet lawyers, there are opportunities to meet people who are passionate about medicine and public health. So it is really an important thing to do for anyone who wants to serve the public."
Noha Moustafa, University of Michigan, Summer 2010

Samia El-Haj Ebrahim   
"This summer has been by far a life-changing experience. Taking part with The Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) I was provided with an opportunity to intern with the FDA. I have definitely grown not only personally but professionally as well. I have developed so many new skills and networked with many people, which would not have been possible without CFGU. Through CFGU I met with so many Muslim American leaders in the D.C Metropolitan area who have inspired me greatly to pursue a career that I am passionate about. I am so grateful for what I was offered this summer and I will never forget the wonderful opportunity that I was given. I hope many other Muslims in America and minority groups take advantage of this opportunity and make a difference in society."
Nora Bouzihay, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Summer 2012

Samia El-Haj Ebrahim   
"Working in DC, I was presented with a plethora of opportunities, but none can surpass CFGU. The Center for Global Understanding brought together Muslim-Americans from all walks of life, and all corners of this country. We had different opinions in politics and theology but that only made us stronger. Together, as a family, we were able to meet people at the tops of their fields, and explore possibilities for our own futures. CFGU pushed us to succeed and make the most of our nation's great capital and the most incredible summer of our lives."
S'ha Siddiqi, University of Connecticut, Summer 2012

Samia El-Haj Ebrahim   
"My Washington D.C. experience was absolutely invaluable. My participation in The Center For Global Understanding afforded me opportunities that I would otherwise not have had in my hometown. The leaders we met with were inspiring, motivating and encouraged me to pursue my passions and endeavors with vigor."
Samia El-Haj Ibrahim, USC, Summer 2011

Shahab Zamani   
"This experience that Center for Global Understanding has given me this summer has made me grow not just as a professional, but also as an individual. As a finance and economics major, the program gave me insight in the career path that I am hoping to pursue. This program is an honor for any student who is looking to maximize their potential, and get the most experience out of their internship. If there is one piece of advice I can give to any student who is looking into interning in D.C. and pursuing this program- I would say to definitely pursue it, and that this experience will benefit you in so many ways for your future!."
Shahab Zamani, Kutztown University, Summer 2011

Taimur Ahmed   
"CFGU allowed me to live my dream of practicing law in the nation’s capitol. It provided me the pathway I need to follow in order to be successful in the "dog-eat-dog legal world of Washington D.C. Knowing that there is an organization dedicated to helping others like me reach their goals only leaves me more motivated to make sure the investment CFGU made in me does not go to waste."
Taimur Ahmed, University of Florida, Summer 2011

Yasmin Bakhtyari   
"CFGU has been the life changing hurdle that I am near to overcome. It has helped me in realizing that hard work and dedication is the true defin ition of life. In being able to connect and learn from many others, I was also able to learn about myself as well. Not only was the experience an amazing experience, but it was the last needed stepping stone in choosing a direct and incredible future path for my life."
Yasmin Bakhtyari, St. Petersburg College, Summer 2011

"My internship in Washington, D.C. did not just affect me in the conventional ways, it was one that opened my eyes to things that I would have never understood had I been sitting around in New Hyde Park, or even at my campus. I learned about various organizations such as USAID, the World Bank and many other organizations that interested me in terms of future employment opportunities. Networking is a vital part of being here in Washington D.C., and I have learned that through meeting different people. I consider myself lucky to be one of the students that had this assistance from CFGU, opening the door for me to delve into this opportunity."
Yunus Bhuiyan, Pennsylvania State University, Summer 2009

Zainah Khan   
"CFGU has been a wonderful chance at bonding with a diverse group of people united under the common understanding of what it means to be an underrepresented minority in America. The summer experience was one that did away with the notion that Muslims and government affairs were mutually exclusive, a misconception many of us came in with. We are now leaving with the confidence that being part of this underrepresented minority makes us a much-needed commodity in this country’s leadership, rather than an overdone and an overbearing majority."
Zainah Khan, George Washington University, Summer 2011

Zohaa Basra   
"Participating in the CFGU program has opened many great doors for me. This experience has not only made me more aware of my surroundings but also made me more aware of myself. The various influential speakers that I met throughout the semester had a long-lasting impression on me which has geared me in the proper direction to achieve great things for the Muslim-American community. Not only did I have the chance to intern at a great organization and meet influential Muslim-Americans but I also had the chance to socialize with fellow Muslim-American youths to build lifelong friendships. This experience has helped me better myself as a person and I recommend all those that want to transform their lives in a positive way to participate in this exceptional program."
Zohaa Basra, Bridgewater State University, Summer 2012