Why Intern in D.C.?

In the 21st. century employers are looking for well rounded individuals to hire. While the traditional requirements are still there, such as GPA, hiring an individual who can bring real-world experience to their organization is of greater importance.

A degree without hands on experience in the professional world is not sufficient. Graduate schools and programs are also putting emphasis on students who have dedicated themselves to an internship while fulfilling their undergraduate requirements.

An internship proves to employers and graduate schools that you are dedicated to your field of interest and have an in-depth understanding of how your specialty/career operates in the real world.

In Summary

  Last Year, 25 Percent Of New Full-Time Workers In The United States Were Recruited From Internship Programs
Congressman Keith Ellison
Mike Smith, TWC President

  Helps You Determine Your Goals, Test Drive Your Major And Refine Your Career Aspirations
  Will Help You Towards Your Graduate Admission
  Internships Are Increasingly Popular With Employers
  Opportunity To Network With Future Leaders Of This Country
  Gain A Better Understanding Of How Washington Works And How It Affects You
  Meet Young American Leaders In The Government, NGOs, Public Companies And Learn About Unlimited Possibilities To Serve Your Community And The Country Regardless Of Your Major
  Firms That Hire New College Graduates Now Rank Internships Their Most Effective Source Of New Recruits

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